Book List for Senior Infants Class (2016-2017)


Reading Zone Programme

The core readers will be rented out from the school, a fee is collected from the pupils. You will be notified in September.
The following activity books should be purchased prior to starting school:

Reading Zone Infant Level:

Activity Book 4 The Big Horse
Activity Book 5 What a Mess!
Activity Book 6 Stop That Dog!
Sounds in Action Senior Infants - Folens
Away with words Senior Infants CJ Fallon
Spellbound for Senior Infants Folens


Modern Handwriting B for Irish Primary Schools C.J. Fallon


Geography & Science Unlocking SESE - Senior Infants Folens


Busy at Maths Senior Infants CJ Fallon


2 Pencils, 1 Pointer, 1 Rubber, / Colouring Pencils
1 15A Copy (Project Book) 32 pages
1 Notebook (Capital 100 pages) Ref: 30062
1 A12 (Exercise Book 40 pages)
1 Junior Sum copy- (20mm squares) 32 pages
1 Drawing copy Plain copy book 40 pages
2 Zip Lock folders-Large
1 Scrapbook Silvine (Ref. 438) 24 pages

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